Accurate weather information is of fundamental importance to water utility companies, local authorities and any business involved in preventing and mitigating flood risk.

As extreme weather events and the uncertainties posed by climate change lead to an increasingly higher frequency of flood risk across the UK, public and private companies require new and innovative solutions for water management.

Flood risk is notoriously difficult to manage, and accurate weather information is essential for preventing and mitigating potentially dangerous and damaging situations.

Accurate weather information is essential for efficient water resource management, with utility companies needing to balance water usage and availability.

Historical, live and forecast weather data is vital for wastewater operations. Precise real-time precipitation type radar enables operations and engineering teams to assess whether rain contributes to overflowing drains immediately.

Our localised forecasts can be integrated directly with water demand models to predict consumer and business supply needs in forthcoming weather conditions.

Control room managers can use our forecasts and monitoring tools to pre-empt heavy rain and take action accordingly.

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