Reliable historical weather data is essential for insurance companies when handling weather-related claims.

MetCast maintains an extensive meteorological archive and provides a range of bespoke forecasting and consultancy services, including severe weather warnings and expertise to help structure weather risk contracts.


Speed and reliability are vital to any insurance company when dealing with a claim. Our highly accurate, site-specific historical weather data allows you to verify claims efficiently, saving time and money.

Risk Analysis

Reliable weather data is crucial when dealing with weather derivatives and assessing risk for insurance products. One of the difficulties is the availability of data, particularly for a long time series; with our UK archive, you'll find everything you need in a single, reliable source.

Advanced Warnings

Weather warnings are invaluable to insurers so that customers can be alerted before a severe weather event. Preventative measures can reduce the impact of potentially dangerous or damaging weather situations. Advance warning of an extreme weather event also enables claims departments to ensure appropriate resources are available.

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