MetCast has one of the most comprehensive databases of UK historical meteorological data, ranging from the 1970s to the present day.

The database includes various weather parameters, including wind speed and direction, temperature, dewpoint, cloud cover, radiation and precipitation. Many parameters are available in hourly intervals, and daily summaries are provided, such as maximum and minimum temperature, total rainfall and sunshine duration.

Businesses use historical weather and climate data throughout the world. From environmental management to verification for insurance claims, our historical weather database benefits a wide range of industries. Examples include:


Historical weather data plays a vital role in the energy industry. Reliable time series, with no missing data, are required to calibrate energy demand models and long time series are essential for the site assessment of renewables installations.


The archive's long-time series provides a reliable source for checking the probability of extreme conditions - essential when dealing with weather derivatives and assessing risk for insurance products.


Many of the UK's agricultural commodities are grown in areas where historical weather data is challenging to obtain or is of poor quality. Accurate information is required to assess and predict crop yields and production.


With data from our archive, retailers can identify links between weather situations and revenue to optimise marketing strategies and supply chains.

Climate Change

Evaluating future climate change requires understanding the evolution of weather and climate. In addition to weather data, we also offer climatology studies, combining the data with climate projection models.


Accurate historical weather information is vital for business research. Quality control of the historical weather database ensures no gaps or inconsistencies, minimising the risk of false results.

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