From utility companies to traders and distributors, reliable weather forecasting is vital for businesses operating in the energy market. MetCast provides the most accurate, up-to-the-minute weather data and analyses, ensuring optimised profitability.

We know that every business operating in the energy market will have bespoke weather requirements, so we tailor our services to your needs. All services are fully supported with round-the-clock monitoring and consultancy.

Probabilistic information and ensemble output to attach confidence levels to our forecasts so that you can understand the best and worst case scenarios.


Power distribution companies face day-to-day operational and planning challenges due to the weather.

High winds, heavy rain, snow, line-icing, lightning and extreme temperatures are all potential hazards to maintaining safety and efficiency for power and gas transmission networks.

We provide round-the-clock services so that you always know exactly what weather is impacting your network and how that will develop and change in the future.


The quality and reliability of weather forecasting determine the profitability and effectiveness of any renewable energy project. We provide the most accurate, up-to-the-minute weather analyses, optimising output efficiency and cost management.

We deliver site-specific or region-wide climatologies for both on and offshore wind, wave and solar projects.


Energy companies, insurance companies and banks trading on weather-critical markets require accurate and timely weather data. Essex Weather provides forecasts for all weather elements known to impact the price of power and commodities.

We also specialise in the supply of weather prediction model data, delivering new output in real-time and providing essential information on model variations, comparisons, shifts and confidence levels.

The growing demand for energy by expanding economies and the recent escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict have resulted in ever-fluctuating prices for raw materials and renewable output.

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