The hot summer weather of 1898 led to such a wet October that one observer commented that it had caused the grass to grow faster than ever before. Another scorching summer occurred in 1911 when the weather was so hot that fires were reported all over Essex. A sudden blaze threatened the famous Upminster Windmill, and only the timely intervention of the Westcliff Scout Group, who put out the fire, prevented a disaster. The early 1990s brought some of the hottest weather, leading to severe water shortages and drought. In August 1991, Upminster hosted an Open Day at the railway station where trips were offered on a 92-year-old steam-driven Metropolitan line locomotive between Upminster and Upney. What was not foreseen was the danger caused by the dry weather and the flying sparks from the firebox of a steam engine. As a result of the locomotive's journey, 30 garden sheds were burnt to the ground, and 60 acres of the embankment were set ablaze before the engine was halted to prevent further damage.

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