During the wild weather and blizzards that gripped Essex in January 1881, a woman's body was found in Romford by a man testing the drifts with a hoe. She had set out in the terrible weather to visit her sick husband at the Romford Union Workhouse Infirmary and been entombed in snow. In June 1903, the weather caused it to rain in Romford for 60 hours without a break, inevitably leading to severe flooding, the longest continuous rainfall in the weather history of the town. On the morning of 22nd August 1987, the temperature was measured at 29C, but the humidity of the conditions meant that the weather took a turn for the worse in the afternoon, and the heavens opened. The rain was so severe that 100 homes were flooded in Romford and the weather also brought huge hailstones to various parts of Essex.

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