In 1979, the winter weather was so cold that Leigh-on-Sea enjoyed 10 'ice days' where parts of the sea froze. In the same year, the weather brought snow to the town for five days as late in the year as May. This was not the first time the weather sent late snow to Leigh-on-Sea. In 1908 the town was blanketed in snow on 24th April. The weather has caused the tide to rush into Leigh-on-Sea on more than one occasion. In 1887 the flooding was so bad that an eight-oared boat was rowed up the High Street, and in 1953 the cockle sheds and the railway station were flooded. The terrible weather meant that the only way to get help to Leigh from outside was by rail with three engines linked together so that they could force their way through the flood waters that surrounded the town.

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